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  • The success of our A1 aluminium range, launched in spring 2019, sees a number of additions to the range for the new season.
    This A1 Ground Pod is being introduced due to popular demand for a low-profile, ultra-stable rod pod.
    Made from the same high-grade, black annodised aluminium as the rest of the A1 range, unlike many other pods at this competetive price point, this one is Solar design. The blocks are maschined from anodised aluminium and the main bar features an anti-twist design built in to the tubing.

    Ultra compact, the Ground Pod will pack away in to it’s small, supplied carry case and comfortably fit inside a rucksack or carryall, this goal-post set up is also extremely stable.

    There are two versions available; one with 6-inch and 9-inch uprights and one with 4-inch and 6-inch uprights. The main boss is also compatible with all of the A1 banksticks, and so the pod height can be tailored to suit most anglers and most situations.

    Both versions are supplied with 3-rod buzz bars.

    – Premium, black annodized aluminium
    – Anti-twist, adjustable main bar
    – Secure, goal-post buzz bar attachment
    – Supplied with a pair of 3-rod buzz bars
    – Two versions available; supplied with 4” and 6” uprights or 6”and 9”uprights
    – Adjustable height
    – Annodised, aluminium blocks sporting Solar logo – Compatible with all A1 Banksticks, and so can be customised
    Supplied in a zipped, A1 carry bag with external pockets

    – Weight: 1.5kg
    – 12 inch and 13.5 inch buzz bars