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  • The most versatile and safest adjustable zig system yet. The unique curved run clip locks in position on the line under tension, but allows a slack line to freely pass through it. To adjust the depth your zig float is fishing feed line out from the reel to let the float rise or gently tighten the line to submerge the float and fish deeper.

    When a carp is hooked the run clip locks, for the first time allowing a lead to be ejected from a free running system for ultimate safety in weed or snags

    • New fluted design for increased casting stability
    • Resistance cavities aid hooking properties
    • Finished in Trans Khaki colouration
    • Shaped to accommodate the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring to ensure the lead hangs flush to the float
    • Supplied with a boom that incorporates an Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring at one end and an Edges Heli Drop Off Bead at the other
    • The unique design of the boom means you can choose to eject the lead (without losing boom) or keep the lead depending on how much weed is present
    • Angled Drop Off Run Ring enables you to swap between using a boom and not using a boom without having to cut the line and re-tie the set-u
    • Also features unique anti-tangle cavity, into which you can place a small piece of rolled up dissolving foam, which you can then nick your hook into – this will help to reduce the chances of your hooklink tangling on the cast and as the float rises through the water
    • Supplied with a ball bearing swivel to reduce hooklength twist
    • Also supplied with Trans Khaki Short Anti-Tangle Sleeve