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  • The Ultegra is back, packed with all the latest Shimano technological advances. Starting with their high quality lightweight C14+ main body, and fitted with the cold-forged Hagane gearing system. With other additions like the Silent drive that eliminates clicking and handle play for a nice improved smoother operation. A super slow oscillation offers terrific line lay and releases when casting plus a responsive instant drag.


    C14+ main body

    Infinitydrive pinion
    Super slow oscillation
    S-ARB corrosion-resistant bearings
    Instant drag
    Aluminium cold forged extra spool
    Screw-in forged anodized aluminium handle

    Weight 600g
    Ratio 4.3:1
    Bearings 4+1
    Max Drag 20Kg
    Line capacity mm/m 0.35-550,0.40-400,0