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Don’t think it’s only a drop shot lure! It’s actually one of the most versatile baits in the whole assortment. Not only it is perfect for drop shot of course, thanks to its floating body, but it is also terrific on a simple jighead. The material, soft and tonic, produces a unique action, enhanced by the famous Powerbait formulation. The holographic foil, the 3D eyes, the micro glitters, strengthen the lifelike look and action to make it one of the most natural looking baits on the market. Available in 2, 3 and 4.5″. A must have for all technical fishing situations for which translucency and lifelike action are key. Perch, trout, sanders, bass, seabass, rockfish… All of them have been at stake! Massively contributing to its validation!



FloatingPowerbait scentHolographic internal foil3D eyesLifelike action

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