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Stiff Coated Camo BraidCamotex Stiff features a soft supple camo sinking inner braid with a stiff matt camo outer coating which can be steamed perfectly straight to create advanced combi rigs. We recommend removing the outer coating before knotting. Available in Light Camo and Dark Camo in 15lb, 20lb & 25lb breaking strains.FEATURES

  • Coated braid perfect for bottom bait and pop-up rigs
  • Available in an ultra-stiff version and also a softer version
  • Coating and inner braid features colour break camouflage pattern
  • Fox recommend you remove outer coating before tying a knot in this material as being so stiff means the coating can break on knots
  • Goes very straight after steaming making it great for stiff rigs
  • Has great anti-tangle properties
  • Available in two colour options – Light and Dark
  • Breaking strains – 15, 20 and 25lb
  • 20m on a spool

EDGES™The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmo’s that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups – a massive ‘edge’ in itself!

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