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Tough injection moulded polypropylene? Same lid fits all sizes? Klip-Lok fastening on all sides of lid? Escape proof, secure seal rubber gaskets? Locking feet for neat and secure stacking? A combination of the original options – fast access and perforations in?one lid? Designed to prevent wet or lively bait from escaping


These 1.4pt, 2.4pt and 3.4pt Klip-Lok Bait Boxes have hinged inner Flip Top lids, which are now perforated to keep live baits in tiptop condition. This format is perfect when using maggots, pinkies, squatts and worms, preventing wet or lively bait from escaping. The Flip Top concept features a clever catch mechanism that allows the inner lid to be left slightly ajar, providing fast opening and extra air circulation, while the lid can be clicked firmly shut when a more positive seal is required. Other unique features include totally secure Klip-Lok lid closure, plus a unique octagonal shape that prevents other bait box lids or bases from accidentally fitting any of the components.


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