13 rows of anchoring points? Secure hook retainers? Fenced working area on lid? Supplied with 15 multi coloured Tension Pegs? Designed to fit the Prodigy Compact Tackle Base


This top quality hook length and rig box features positive Klip-Lok clasps and is designed to fit the Prodigy Compact Tackle Base. It has a useful fenced working area on the lid, while inside you will discover six rows of anchoring points under the lid and another seven in the base section. Secure hook retainers and Prodigy’s unique Tension Pegs (also supplied) allow you to neatly store short to medium length rigs in this compact box. Longer rigs can also be stored by facing a Tension Peg back towards a hook retainer, so it acts like a secondary anchor point (refer to outer box photograph). This box is stackable – should you want to carry more than one in your luggage. It’s ideal for the angler who likes to travel light, holding enough rigs for several sessions.


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