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Designed and engineered in EnglandClever hinging indicator body?Unique line grip or free running clipBlack ball chain Rigid swing arm?with a unique integrated metal aligner system5 clip-on lenses, each?with a different appealing colour Beta-light slot behind the colour?lens2 additional add on weights? Versatile indicators, in a set for multiple-rod setups. The Kurve?Indicator features an articulating head and unique line clip system?which can be set to grip the line or allow it to run freely. These two?key factors mean that the Kurve can be adjusted to be incredibly?sensitive at picking up shy bites or adjusted to minimise false bites?caused by wind etc. Thanks to the flattened surface of the Kurves body,?the indicator can be positioned flat on the ground when fishing slack?line, again increasing sensitivity and decreasing false wind related?bleeps. Five colour lenses are included so you can ‘pimp’ your Kurve up?and with both a chain and swing arm you can tailor the indicator to your?preference. Don’t settle for less indication, go for the Kurve! Kurve?Indicators are also available in a presentation set, offering you a?complete indication set for three rods in a hard-wearing protective?case.



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