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  • A powerful and compact stove, with an aluminium and stainless steel foldable frame, making it easy to transport.

    • Constructed with a windshield, improving burning efficiency and saving energy.
    • Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417).
    • 3500W at high power with even heating distribution. 3mins to boil 1L of water (in accordance with weather, fuel and cooking ware).
    • The stove is strong yet lightweight and compact, with an aluminium and stainless steel foldable frame. Packs up very small for easy transportation.
    • Supplied with carry bag.

    *supplied with protective sticker on burner, please remove before use.

  • All new GT-HD is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle with a unique high grade copolymer formula using cutting edge manufacturing processes to give the line reduced stretch and a crisp feel without compromising the other key characteristics.

    After all, why develop a line that offers exceptional feel if it doesn’t retain the high knot strength, great abrasion resistance, fast sinking and a lovely smooth supple feel that anglers want. By developing a main line that brings together all of these features ‘GT-HD’ sets a new benchmark in performance copolymer main lines. Finally, by manufacturing GT-HD in a awesome low-viz colour we’ve created a line that simply outperforms other low stretch lines in every way.

    • Reduced stretch offers excellent feedback to the rod tip when feeling the lead down and gives improved/enhanced bite indication at long range.
    • Smooth finish and supple feel offers superior casting performance.
    • GT-HD is formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed.
    • This line has exceptionally high knot strength and high abrasion resistance.
    • Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage whether you are fishing slack or tight lines.
    • For optimum performance we recommend a Palomar knot with GT-HD (though Grinner and Fig.8 loops will still exceed stated breaking strain).

    *We recommend spooling up GT-Hd with the label facing upwards (line coming off anti-clockwise) and periodically checking for line twist for the best possible results.

  • These Gardner Range Finder Distance Sticks are used to measure out the correct amount of line, allowing the angler to accurately hit the chosen spot every time.

    They feature four line friendly hardened rubber ribs, to ensure that the main line will grip perfectly when wrapping and reduce the chance of line slipping over the top. Both sticks come supplied with fluorescent tips which comfortably fit most isotopes. The heavy duty carry case holds two screw on hard tops to enable the sticks to be driven into place with a mallet. It also contains a strap with metal ringlets set at 6ft/10ft/12ft/13ft increments, to help the angler set the required length.

    • 2 x 24″ (61cm) distance sticks.
    • Black anodised finish.
    • Feature luminous green detachable sight tops with plugged betalight cavities.
    • 2 x black metal top protectors to be used in harder ground.
    • Hardened rubber guides for enhanced line protection and increased line grip.
    • Yard strap with distance ringlets set at 6′/10′/12′/13′ for every eventuality.
    • Supplied in a padded protection sleeve.
  • The Legend that is Tiger Line, developed by Big Carp/John Llewellyn, a true 100% fluorocarbon line that is virtually invisible in water, is now available from Gardner.

    It is a ‘multi-directional polymer’ providing exceptional abrasion resistance and knot strength. Tiger Line resists deterioration in sunlight, making it hard wearing, long lasting and amazing value for money.

    • Easier and smoother to cast.
    • Low stretch – greater sensitivity with more control and ‘feel’.
    • Sinks quickly and completely – improving bait presentation.
    • Excellent knot strength with a wide variety of knot options.
    • Available in 16lb on 200m and 600m spools.
    • Outstanding abrasion resistance.
    Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
    16lb 0.33mm 200m
    16lb 0.33mm 600m