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Korda Distance sticks


High-quality distance sticks that help to ensure ultimate casting accuracy
– Made by renowned engineers, JAG Products
– Each stick features grooves to prevent line slipping off them, spirit levels in the t top for correct positioning, and a cavity that accepts an isotope for night work
– Specially designed point and T-bar allows the sticks to be screwed into even the hardest ground

These distance sticks make fishing accurately child’s play. Rather than simply produce a me-too product, we decided to produce the best sticks that we could. That meant teaming up with JAG Products, who engineer to the highest standards we could find!
Each stick is a thing of beauty, with special grooves to prevent the line from spilling off, causing the dreaded bird’s nest. They also come supplied with a T-Bar, which can be used to drive the specially designed point into even the hardest of ground.
Integrated spirit levels in the top of each stick allow for perfect positioning, and pop out to reveal a cavity, which accepts an isotope to allow you to wrap-up, even at night!


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