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Nash Bushwacker Baiting pole system

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Next level accuracy and reach for stealth positioning of rigs in areas inaccessible to even the sharpest casting. The 15 meter, 10 section Bushwhacker Baiting Pole and self floating spoon can be extended and used effectively at distances up to 45 meters!

Fast fit spring button locking allows easy assembly, breakdown, and shipping out of the rigid 1.5-meter fiberglass sections. The removable spoon incorporates twin built-in buoyancy floats for complete stability without additional net floats even at range or in choppy conditions and holds around a kilo of bait.

An internal lead recess and twin line slots prevent rigs from being moved or dislodged whilst allowing finite adjustment of spoon position using guidance and pressure from rod and line. The last word in delivering rigs to previously unfished hotspots!


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